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The Acorn Brew was set up while I was in Transition Year in 2017. Turning my passion for the environment and coffee into a business was always going to be tricky. However it came in the form of becoming the Official Distributor for the Sealpod product in Ireland. ‘Sustainable Innovation’ has become my tagline and through The Acorn Brew I plan to bring environmentally conscious fun products direct to the customer. We only have one planet and through sustainable innovation we can all make that ‘small change’ that we talk about. More exciting innovative products in the pipeline.

About Sealpod Reusable Capsules

  • Sealpod reusable Nespresso® capsules -  give you a choice when it comes to your Nespresso® machine.
  • Choose Your Own Espresso - There are so many wonderful espresso blends in the world.  Sealpod capsules let you brew your favourite espresso with your Nespresso® machine.
  • Choose to Save -  For about the same price as a variety pack of disposable Nespresso® capsules, you can get stainless steel capsules that never wear out.  Our capsules last longer than your machine and give you multiple ways to save:
  • They save you money the longer you use them.
  • They reduce waste, helping to save the environment.
  • They’re safe for your body, helping to save your health
  • Sealpod reusable capsules are tested for compatibility on all the following Nespresso® * OriginalLine™ machines:
  • Citiz™ and Citiz-Milk™,  Concept™,  Essenza™,  Essenza Krups™ and Essenza Mini™,  Gran Maestria™,  Inissia™,   *Latissima™ and Latissima+™,  Le Cube™,  Maestria™,   Pixie™,  U™ and Umilk™,  Prodigio™,   Creatista Plus™.
*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societé Des Produits Nestlé SA.  The Brand is mentioned only for compatability reference.  This product is not associated with Nespresso®.  

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Meet the founder of The Acorn Brew
Eoin McDonagh
Eoin McDonagh


Passionate about the environment and coffee. Always trying to do 'my little bit'

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E-mail: eoin@theacornbrew.ie Phone: +353 87 638 0988

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